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Put to Light / Put to Store for Retail Store Order Replenishment.

Not all Put to Light applications are the same. Retail distribution operations require a highly sophisticated Put to Light solution specifically engineered for distribution centers servicing retail stores. Also called Put to Store, Put to Light is ideal for retail store replenishment order fulfillment and optimizes cross-docking operations where a percentage of full case quantities are broken down to store level cartons.

Put to Light for Retail Distribution

Sometimes Put to Light for retail is also sometimes called Pack to Light, because this light-directed process begins when a case of product arrives to the break pack area. An operator scans the case and lights illuminate, directing sortation of product to the right store carton and in the right unit quantities required by that retail location. The product is 'put' or 'packed' to the store carton. When finished with that carton the light module LED is pushed, confirming completion of the sortation.

Put to Light Hardware for Retail Replenishment

Put to Light is a valuable tool in cross-docking oerations where some percentage of the cases are broken down into smaller quantities for stores. A successful Put to Light system effectively manages flow-through sortation processes throughout multiple distribution centers in larger supply chain networks.

Lightning Pick's Put to Light / Put to Store Special Features

  • Carton Level Manifest Updates
  • Labor Productivity Data
  • Warehouse Control Systems
  • Interface Work Force Planning Tools
  • Real-time Event Messaging
  • Push/Pull Inventory Techniques
  • Manages Multiple Open POs
  • Close Carton & Split Case Capability
  • Scan Product UPC Option
  • Multi-Case Distributions
  • Dynamic Zoning

Put to Store using Put to Light