LP Put. 

Light-directed order sortation solution. 

The popularity of e-commerce is driving many distribution centers to quickly transform into agile, powerful order fulfillment operations. Omni-channel success means fulfilling a rapidly rising volume of smaller, often single line and personalized e-commerce orders, while still getting merchandise to stores.

Lightning Pick LP Put station, wall, pod or other configuration provides a space efficient and economical method of fast, high-quality order sortation. Put-to-light solutions offer major gains in operational efficiency, plus achieve and maintain consistently high accuracy levels.



  • E-commerce order fulfillment
  • Retail store order replenishment
  • Returns processing
  • Secondary batch pick sortation
  • Kitting
  • Putaway
  • Order consolidation
  • Track & trace validation


  • Retail
  • Third party fulfillment providers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Apparel & accessories
  • Music, book & media publishing/distribution
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics & beauty products
  • Vitamins & nutraceuticals


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved and sustained accuracy levels
  • Higher throughput
  • Additional capacity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Economical management of large SKU bases without a light per shelf/rack location
eBay uses Lightning Pick put-to-light stations.

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Modern Materials Handling‘s July Cover Story: eBay Enterprise’s Kentucky e-commerce fulfillment center maximizes sortation speed with Lightning Pick put-to-light stations.

Auto-bagger integrated with put-to-light sortation for complete pick, put, back (pack) and ship solution.
Put-to-Light and Integrated Auto-Bagger Video.

New Video

See Lightning Pick’s put-to-light integrated with an automated bagging system to provide a complete e-commerce pick, pack and ship solution.

Download the new LP Put brochure.

New Brochure

Learn more about Lightning Pick’s put-to-light process, hardware, software, applications and advantages.

The Bon-Ton Stores use LP Put. 

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Retail Merchandiser covers The Bon-Ton Stores’ new direct-to-consumer fulfillment center, which adds speed and accuracy with put-to-light solutions from Lightning Pick.


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Lightning Pick is the largest provider of put-to-light systems in North America. We have proven systems meeting a wide spectrum of process requirements and installation sizes. The world's top brands use LP Put to get products into their customers' hands, quickly.

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