Put-to-Light Advantages.



Increased Order Accuracy



Faster Sortation Rates



Labor Cost Reduction

Benefit from a simple, cost-effective way to achieve higher accuracy.

Simplicity is the key to a put-to-light system’s success. Light-directed sortation is visual, intuitive and convenient to use. Operators can be trained in a matter of hours, instead of the days often required by other automation methods. The put-to-light methodology offers a higher performance alternative to more complex and expensive automated approaches, and is also often more agile when responding to daily volume changes than other technologies.

Put-to-light benefits.

  • Increased order accuracy, offering levels of 99.9+%.
  • Faster sortation rates, on average 40% superior to paper-based or radio-frequency (RF) terminal-only based sortation methods.
  • Cost-effective for operations with a large number of SKUs, as put-to-light does not require a light module at every product location like a pick-to-light system does.
  • Space efficient, often allowing operations with limited facility space to gain added capacity.
  • Viable technology choice to optimize a wide variety of sortation applications.

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Lightning Pick is the largest provider of put-to-light systems in North America. We have proven systems meeting a wide spectrum of process requirements and installation sizes. The world's top brands use LP Put to get products into their customers' hands, quickly.

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