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Lightning Pick is a provider of light-directed and advanced order picking technologies. Our best-in-class pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light, voice, radio frequency (RF), cart-based solutions and other paperless systems drive increased productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency from production through order fulfillment. Lightning Pick delivers projects on time, on budget, every time so our customers can deliver the perfect order, time after time. Today, as part of Matthews Automation Solutions, Lightning Pick customers are part of the largest live pick-to-light user group in the United States.


Matthews Automation Solutions—a division of Matthews International Corporation—designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors worldwide rely on Matthews’ integrated systems to identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy and throughput. For handling challenges in manufacturing, packaging or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets an organization’s needs today, and grows with them tomorrow. These automated and semi-automated marking, coding, control, sortation, picking and verification technologies and software streamline manufacturing, distribution and order fulfillment processes to maximize productivity.

The Matthews Automation Solutions’ family of brands includes Lightning Pick, Holjeron, Matthews Marking Systems and Pyramid.

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Lightning Pick is the largest provider of put-to-light systems in North America. We have proven systems meeting a wide spectrum of process requirements and installation sizes. The world's top brands use LP Put to get products into their customers' hands, quickly.

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