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The video demonstrations below show the process of sorting batch waves of totes containing mixed-SKU merchandise into individual e-commerce/direct-to-consumer orders with put-to-light stations, put walls or put pods.

Lightning Pick Put Walls Reboot Rocky Brands’ Dynamic Order Fulfillment Process.

Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands chose a Lightning Pick brand put-to-light system from Matthews Automation Solutions to amplify their throughput and capacity.

Put-to-Light Demo: Batch Wave Sortation.

Watch a tote of mixed SKU merchandise be sorted into unique e-commerce customer orders using the put-to-light process.


Lightning Pick’s pack-to-light system (also known as put-to-light or put-to-store) is specifically engineered to optimize distribution centers managing retail store order replenishment.

Pack-to-Light: Closeout Retail Store Replenishment.

Tuesday Morning.

The LP Pack solution enabled closeout retailer Tuesday Morning to process over 100,000 different SKUs annually with better than 99.9% accuracy. Our pack-to-light product optimizes break pack, flow-through distribution centers by pushing merchandise quickly out to store customers.

Pack-to-Light: Specialty Retail.

Charlotte Russe.

Sometimes called a put-to-light or put-to-store system, Lightning Pick’s pack-to-light was ideal for Charlotte Russe’s flow-through retail store replenishment approach. Watch step-by-step as a case of product arrives to the break pack area.


Our put walls can integrate with autobaggers, automated document insertion printers, print and apply labeling printers and other equipment to provide complete pick, sort and ship systems.

Put-to-Light and Auto-Bagger Integrated System.

See a Lightning Pick put wallk integrated with Automated Packaging Systems’ Auto-Bagger for a complete order sortation and packaging solution.

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Learn how our put-to-light solutions can help.

Lightning Pick is the largest provider of put-to-light systems in North America. We have proven systems meeting a wide spectrum of process requirements and installation sizes. The world's top brands use LP Put to get products into their customers' hands, quickly.

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