Put-to-Light Overview.

Sort selected items using “pick-to-light in reverse.”

Often referred to as “pick-to-light in reverse,” a put-to-light system uses light modules that direct operators to the correct location to sort, or “put,” items into. (As opposed to a pick-to-light system, where lights direct operators to stock keeping unit/SKU locations to select, or “pick,” items.)


Scan batch wave label on tote or on batch order paperwork in tote of mixed SKU merchandise.


Select and scan individual items from the tote. A light will illuminate for the unique order requiring that product.


Put the item to the directed location and press the dome light to confirm completion of the task. Repeat the process with all items in the tote until the batch wave has been fully sorted.


Optional pack-out lights will illuminate on the opposite side of the workstation for each completed order that can be pulled for packing.

Classic put-to-light process.

One of the most popular applications for put-to-light systems is sorting of batch picked products into individual orders. Batch picking is the process of picking multiple orders simultaneously during each pass through the warehouse. This optimizes fulfillment operations with a high number of SKUs and long pick paths. Batch picking works best in environments where products and orders are smaller, enabling pickers to pick into several boxes traveling together on a single cart.

Downstream from the picking process, the picked products must be sorted and matched to their appropriate order. Traditional batch processes utilize carts that travel to pack stations. There, items are manually sorted by reading pick tickets, shipping or other paper lists. This approach is slow and prone to mistakes.

If your products feature bar code labels, then a put-to-light system delivers a faster and more accurate way to execute this sortation. With put-to-light, the operator simply grabs an item and scans the label with an radio-frequency (RF) terminal. Lights illuminate at the put locations requiring that item, and indicate the quantities needed to fill the order. Items are moved from the carts to a dedicated space in the put station and presses a button on the light module to indicate the action is complete. The process repeats until the orders are completed.

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